Fresh. Fresh and More Fresh.
Provence Catering has a well-earned national reputation for delicious food that is beautifully displayed and expertly prepared. Our culinary philosophy and epicurean roots from the sun drenched fields of Southern France has evolved into global fusion, trendsetting fare. All of our innovative menus are custom-to-the-client and everything is prepared in-house. We offer our Indian, Asian, Multi-Cultural and Gluten-Free clientele flavorful specialty menus that are authentic and exciting. With a strong reliance on local farm fresh ingredients and exotic delights from far-away markets throughout the world, Provence will provide you and your guests with an incredible dining experience.

Whether you are hosting a buffet luncheon for your tennis partners with an organic Green menu or a refined dinner party for your Book Club with an attention to sustainable resources, we invite you to select the best caterer available, not just the traditional choices. We also Vegetarian, vegan, Gluten Free menus, etc…Your inspiration fuels our imagination